Getting Started/FAQ

Getting started and FAQ for Pawesome Pet Adventures.

Getting Started

So you've gone through the site thoroughly and are interested in booking a service, but where do you start?

1. Set up a Meet-and-Greet appointment.  Call, e-mail, or text at anytime and we can set up a convenient time for you. 

2. Print out paperwork from the Policies/Waivers page and fill out to the best of your knowledge.  If you have questions or are not sure how to answer some areas, we can discuss it at the appointment.

3. Have an extra key prepared (or a way for me to enter the home) in case you do choose to use my services as well as payment to at least cover the first service.

4. Read the FAQ below and prepare any questions you might have.

5. Relax!  I'll bring an accurate quote for whatever services you've contacted me about and we can all (pet included) get to know each other at the Meet-and-Greet.  If my company isn't for you, no harm done.


  • Where are your areas of service?

This has recently changed!  I am currently only able to service the Westside and Downtown Colorado Springs, north to the Rockrimmon area or south to Quail Lake but not East of Academy, and I am available in all of Manitou Springs.  I will stick to these areas strictly, but please contact me if you aren't sure if you are in these areas or not.  

  • What kinds of pets do you care for?

You name it, I care for it.  Whether it be dogs, cats, chickens, goats, fish, reptiles, or any other, I will provide attentive and loving care no matter the pet.

  • Do you offer any overnight care/pet sitting?

I currently do not offer any overnight care in your home or in mine.  I can, however, offer multiple visits per day while you are gone.  Normal walking rates/times will apply.

  • When/how do I pay you?

Payments are expected before services begin, usually at the meet and greet appointment.  If services are on a continuous basis (such as every week while you are at work) we can set up a payment plan.  I currently accept cash, checks, card, and payments via Paypal. 

  • Why do you ask for a key and payment on the initial visit?

The first visit is a time set up specifically with you in mind.  I offer it for free knowing that I may not be the perfect fit for you and your pet.  Having to set up another free visit, although I will do it if you need me to, is difficult and may cut in to other scheduled walks.  I only ask for a key and payment if you are ready to start my services and can return a key at any given notice.  I will not make any copies.  

  • I would like to discontinue services/have picked another company, can I have a refund?

Please let me know as soon as you are positive you need to stop using my services.  A refund will be issued.

  • I've had the free meet and greet visit but am not sure if your company is right for my needs...what do I do?

Let me know!  Sometimes personalities may clash or you might even like pricing or services offered from another company.  No worries at all!  And if you do change your mind, we can always arrange something.

  • How can I stay in contact while you are caring for my dog?

Any texts/emails/calls about concerns or questions will be noted and responded to quickly.  Feel free to leave me notes at anytime near your pets' leashes or in a noticeable spot as well.

  • What are your hours?

All services are available 24 hours a day Monday-Friday (as long as there are no prior scheduling conflicts).  I am open to visiting a pet in the middle of the night if needed, just let me know what your needs are.

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