Policies and waivers for Pawesome Pet Adventures in Colorado Springs.


Payment Policy
All services are prepaid prior to the first scheduled service, preferably during the meet-and-greet.  Cash, check, and card are acceptable forms of payments.  Checks should be made out to Pawesome Pet Adventures.
If a check is returned we require a $30 returned check fee and cash or credit card payment for future services.

Cancellation/Reschedule of Services
Please contact as soon as possible for any cancellation or rescheduling of services.

If Pawesome Pet Adventures is unable to walk your dog due to sickness or weather, an additional day of service will be added to your scheduled services. Notification will be sent out immediately via email and phone. 

Leash Policy
Pawesome Pet Adventures will, under penalty of law, keep your dog on a leash at all times UNLESS a request has been made for pet to be off leash and the pet is in a designated off-leash area.



Below are all the waivers and information sheets you will need to fill out prior to beginning services with Pawesome Pet Adventures.  Although it is helpful to fill these out ahead of time, they will be available at your meet-and-greet appointment.  A copy of each will be e-mailed to you after signing.  References and a copy of our insurance policy are available upon request.


Client/Pet Information Form

Veterinary Care Waiver 

General Liability Waiver


Consent to Provide Medications

(only fill out if we will need to provide your pet medications while you are away)